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A Practical Guide for Successful Men Leaving Full-time Work

Why do so many men struggle once they leave the workforce?

When successful men make the move out of full-time work, many are challenged by the transition. Beyond the money, there’s now an extra 40 to 60 hours a week that they have failed to plan and prepare for.

This can lead to:

  • Fear, frustration, confusion and stress –natural emotions natural in times of massive change, but difficult to manage.
  • A lack of purpose and direction, with some men succumbing to post-work depression.
  • A loss of identity –who are they now they’ve left the working world?

Find out how to address these problems and create a meaningful life in retirement in Beyond the MoneyBeyond the Money is a practical, three-part guide for successful men leaving full-time work. Filled with case studies, exercises and tips for managing change, it helps you make the leap into the next stage of your life.

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Your Self

By clearly identifying what is important to you, what skills motivate you, and what you want to learn, use or share, you can create a practical blueprint for the next stage of your life.


Your Wellbeing

Health is Wealth, even more so as you move into the next stage of your life. And I’m not just talking about physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. The healthier you are, the more freedom you’ll have to enjoy the things you want to do in your next age.


Your Location

Location, location, location, as they say in the real estate game. It’s an important consideration in the next stage of your life. Where are you going to live? For what reasons? Have you done your due diligence? When you get it right, this has the potential to enhance all other aspects of your life.


Your Relationships

Arguably one of the most important wealth areas beyond money. What are your expectations of family members, friends and social networks? The wealth inherent in your relationships is the real key to long-term enjoyment of the next stage of your life.


Your Lifestyle

What lifestyle do you want to create? We’re talking hobbies, interests, continuing self-development, amusements, sports, volunteer work, and even further paid work, exploring the idea of the encore career. This is your opportunity to put together the ingredients that make up a satisfying lifestyle, according to you.


Your Legacy

What legacy do you wish to leave? What contribution do you wish to make? This wealth area is about making your own contribution in your own way. This is how you can make a difference in the world and leave it a better place for your loved ones and beyond.


Your Spiritual Development

This is about exploring your perspective on the world around you, seeing how that shapes what you focus on and what you can achieve. Keep your mind open and your definition broad, and you can find a world of wealth in the next stage of your life!

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Meet the transition specialist

Steve Mendl is the founder of Next-Aging and the Beyond the Money Program. A transition specialist with over 25 years’ experience in board level representation, executive coaching, training and development, educating, workshop facilitation and workforce transformation, Steve has a passion for human development.

He is an expert at creating the space for people to move forward and expand as human beings, both individually and in corporate situations.

Steve has served on the boards of CanTeen Australia (National Chair and President), the Australia Day Council (NSW) and the UAE Division of The Terry Fox Foundation, and completed a four-year term on the Australian Executive of the Japanese Government’s Ship for World Youth Program (SWY).

Over the past 12 years, Steve has worked with clients from Rio Tinto, Microsoft, BUPA, Qantas, American Express and Woolworths. He has mentored over 1,000 individuals experiencing personal, career and active retirement transitions.

Ready to make the leap into the next stage of your life?

This book is for you if you are:

Aged between 45 and 65 and planning to leave the full-time workforce.

Wondering what you will do with an extra 40 to 60 hours a week and wanting to avoid falling off the ‘retirement cliff’.

Feeling hesitant about one of the biggest life changes that people go through.

Eager to make the next stage of your life meaningful, satisfying and enjoyable.

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